Why Hold a JDRF Kids Walk at your School?

There are so many benefits offered by JDRF’s Kids Walk Program!

  1. Money for your school: Ten percent of the total amount raised for JDRF is awarded back to your school to use on equipment, books, field trips, or anything else your school may need!
  2. Thank you banner: Your school will receive one of the following banners for the respective dollar amounts:
    Raise $1,000–$4,999 to win the Silver Star Banner
    Raise $5,000–$9,999 to win the Gold Star Banner
    Raise $10,000 or more to win the Diamond Star Banner
  3. Difference Maker Awards: Students who raise $15 or more are eligible to earn fun awards. It’s our way of saying thank you for a job well done!
  4. Education: Our engaging and interactive program teaches student about type 1 and type 2 diabetes and the importance of philanthropy, while encouraging thoughtful questions.
  5. Community support: Students and families living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) appreciate the support of their schools and the educational opportunity that the JDRF Kids Walk presents.
  6. An opportunity to get kids active: The campaign wraps up with a celebratory Walk on your school’s campus. This is a great way to bring students together and get them moving!

The program gives students an opportunity to help fellow classmates affected by T1D AND raise money for their school! It’s FUN, it’s EASY, and it’s EDUCATIONAL! 

Here’s what teachers say about the JDRF Kids Walk Program:

“The JDRF program was so rewarding for our students and community. We all learned more about the disease, and students pulled together to help raise money for a wonderful program. The JDRF staff was enjoyable to work with. Anytime we needed something, they were ready to help. Our students really enjoyed having JDRF come to the school because it added a personal touch to the program.” 
—Janet Walker, PE Teacher at Forest Creek Elementary
“They were very positive and insightful, but in control of our students’ behavior. I initially thought that we could spend less time on the $$$ and soliciting portion, but later changed my mind—the students need to have instruction in what and what not to do! Our student body was very compassionate and enthused for this project. I truly believe that they felt they could make a difference! It was our honor to help.
 —Jo Davis, PE Teacher at Cedar Creek Elementary 
“Not only do students raise important research dollars, but they also learn about type 1 and type 2 diabetes, healthy eating, and exercise. Our students who have type 1 diabetes really felt good that we were doing something to support them—that meant a lot to us.”
—Pam Grimes and Jeri Goldrich, PE Teachers at Clifford O. Taylor/Kirklane Elementary