This year, JDRF is excited to shine the Kids Walk Student Spotlight on two fantastic students! Read on to see how they raised big dollars for T1D research and had lots of fun along the way!

Student Spotlight: Ella B.

Ella B SpotlightElla B., a sixth grader at St. John the Baptist school in Plymouth, Wisconsin, really did her part to make her school's JDRF Kids Walk a success! Ella is one of five students at her small school who have T1D. And that’s not including the principal, who also lives with the disease. During the kickoff assembly, the students with T1D bravely discussed how technology—including JDRF advances—makes it easier to live with diabetes. They also shared what a cure would mean to them. This helped their classmates understand how participating in Kids Walk makes a real difference. Students collected donations, sold JDRF paper sneakers and organized a penny war that raised $1,267! But what pushed the school's donations over the top was Ella's fundraising. With the help of her parents, she registered online and sent out close to 40 emails, which generated an amazing $2,040! Congratulations and thank you, Ella, for leading your school to a grand total of $5,109!

Student Spotlight: Ella Kate

Ella K SpotlightElla Kate, a fourth grade student at Spring Valley Elementary in Hewitt, TX, has always been a true JDRF Kids Walk leader. She was in kindergarten and newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) the first time her school held an event. "Even at an early age, Ella Kate was very involved in educating her friends and classmates about T1D. She has always enjoyed sharing her story and getting support," says Kristen Pool of JDRF. On top of helping to raise awareness in her school community, Ella Kate works very hard to raise funds for Kids Walk by using the online fundraising tool and Facebook—and by selling JDRF paper sneakers to friends and family. She even personalizes each sneaker with stickers and glitter! This year, Ella Kate's efforts helped Spring Valley raise over $12,000, bringing their total over the past three years to more than $30,000! Congratulations on a job well done, Ella Kate, and thanks for all your hard work!

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