School Spotlight: P.S. 32 State Street School

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JDRF is excited to shine the Kids Walk School Spotlight on P.S. 32 State Street School in Queens, New York. P.S. 32 is home to 950 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The school has participated in the JDRF Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes program for the past four years, and began hosting JDRF Kids Walks to honor a student with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who sadly passed away. Students, staff, and families at P.S. 32 have raised more than $31,700 to support JDRF and fund T1D research.

Currently, two students at P.S. 32 live with T1D. They actively participate and answer questions about living with T1D for their schoolmates at each JDRF Kids Walk kickoff assembly. Year after year, all of the students engaged look forward to learning about T1D and hearing about JDRF and the research that is being done. This year, the P.S. 32 students had the privilege of watching the new Kids Walk video and really enjoyed the special celebrity appearances!

"Being able to see the students support their classmates who have T1D and increase awareness about the disease is extremely touching and makes a huge impact on the school as a whole,” says Jessica Burns, JDRF Development Coordinator.

The JDRF Kids Walk efforts at P.S. 32 are led by teacher Jackie Sprance. Each year, Ms. Sprance works very hard to oversee the Kids Walk and make it a success. She takes great pride in honoring the life of her former student through the Walk each year, and this year, she designed and sold t-shirts in memoriam. Ms. Sprance sold the t-shirts online and raised $935.23 for T1D research!

Students, families, and faculty at P.S. 32 really took advantage of the Kids Walk online fundraising tools this year. The school raised $2,735 online prior to their Walk day. Between selling t-shirts, online fundraising, selling JDRF Paper Sneakers, and asking friends and family for donations, the studentsat P.S. 32 hit an all-time fundraising goal this year and raised $12,749.10!

On P.S. 32 Kids Walk day, the students living with T1D lead their fellow students around the building and through the schoolyard. The students in each grade carry both school and JDRF banners to show the community what cause they are walking for. "P.S. 32 students always have energy and a strong enthusiasm while walking each year. I look forward to walking with the students and hearing the reasons why they walk. This typically includes walking for their classmates and family members and their desire to find a cure for them,” says Ms. Burns.

The continued support and commitment from Ms. Sprance and everyone at P.S. 32 has made each Kids Walk an incredible success. Most importantly, the students have a strong understanding of what they are doing for people living with T1D and how they are making a difference by supporting JDRF. Thank you P.S. 32 State Street School!

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